SRT100 actuators : Code

The code to operate the actuators is optimized for each configuration (2, 3 or 4 actuators ).

Just load the right code, and apply the right FlyPT profile.

2 Actuators 3 Actuators 4 Actuators
Arduino Code V2.0 V2.0 V2.0
FlyPT profile V2.0

V2.0 V2.0

Motor layout M1 : front right

M2 : front left

M1 : front right

M2 : rear

M3 : front left

M1 : front right

M2 : rear right

M3 : rear left

M4 : front left

The arduino code doesn’t require any specific library.

In order to load the FlyPT profile, launch FlyPT (v3.4.2), right click>file>open and select the downloaded profile.

To complete the setup, click on the tile “Output::serial”, then on “update ports” and in the list “port” select the arduino USB port. Then just click on “connect” and the rig will move up.

In the main windwo, click on the game  you want, and click on “connect”.

Now let’s dive into the FlyPT logic :


To add an output, right click>add>output> Serial. This module runs the communication between the computer and our hardware (an Arduino in this case).

The “start string” allows here to check if the FlyPT profile coresponds to the Arduino right code (A for 2 actuators, B for 3 actuators and C for 4 actuators).

Then we set the output to send the right data.


To add the rig, we do right click > add > rig. This module tells the software the mechanical caracteristics of your rig. simulateur de mouvement.

2 actuators 3 actuators 4 actuators
2DOF with linear actuators 3DOF with 3 linear actuators (1 at the back) 3DOF with 4 linear actuators (1 at the back)


Pour ajouter une “position”, on fait clique droit > add > position > from motion

Ce module détermine comment on utilise les données qui proviennent de la voiture. Il permet de régler le gain, et le filtrage notamment.

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4 thoughts on “SRT100 actuators : Code

  1. I’m trying to introduce limit switches without much success, have you tried it i know how to do it?

  2. The axis are very short when using simtools, the nema only turns about 1/8 of a turn. is there a way to scale the axis?

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