SRT pedals

SRT pedals are do-it-yourself pedals of very high quality.


Two models :

GT : the most affordable model

P1 : the most realistic model

I've been passionate about cars since I was a kid! I learned the multiple variations of the Skyline R34 through the Gran Tursimo series, until I discovered GTR2 at the wheel of a keyboard. A few years later, I plunged back into Sim Racing with a G27 which made me enter the DIY world. Always looking for an immersion out of reach in reality, I develop projects that I take care to make accessible to any 3D printer owner!
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2 thoughts on “SRT pedals

  1. Hello my friend, my Name is Gilbert. I’m very interested in your products. You’re brilliant my friend, hopefully the world will gets a chance to see your vision. My question to you is, do you have anything pre-made for sale? I’m technically challenged and doubt that I can reproduce these amazing products. I lack skill and equipment to satisfy the build. Honestly they should be for sale, they’re leaps and bounds ahead of what I’ve seen in the market here in the USA. Not every racer can be a crew chief! Lol! Seriously please advise me on how I can possibly secure your devices, either from you directly or through third party. Thank you, and stay safe during these tumultuous times.

    1. Hi ! Thanks for your message ! :-). I focus on projects that people can learn from 🙂 Otherwise, as you said, we can’t make everything by ourself. So I am managing to find a solution.

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