SRT Gearbox

I am working on a 6 speeds gearbox that would be controlled by an hydraulic clutch pedal !

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The best gearbox in the world:

  • 6-speed H-box + reverse gear
  • Sequential (we go from one to the other in 3 seconds)
  • Clutch mode (optional): if you don’t press the clutch pedal, the gearbox stays locked (only in H mode)
  • Multiple attachment points (from underneath and from the side)
  • Adjustable front-rear and left-right feeling
  • Adapter to mount a hand brake (P1)
  • Possibility to connect pedals to it
  • For about 140€.

All the documentation is available on the Discord

Development History:

I am currently printing the structure to hold all the parts together. I am also waiting for 4×100 metal shafts to replace the printed ones I installed.

v4 :

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4 thoughts on “SRT Gearbox

  1. Hi,

    you are great engineer and there are posted some of the most amazing mods ever,

    But some pictures above are missing.

    I also do wonder about password protected content there. Is it temporary? Are you selling access to it?


    1. Hi ! Thanks for your message.
      There is a bug about the pictures… Feel free to inform me if they are missing, it just takes a couple of seconds to put them back.
      The actuators documentation is currently under construction, so I added a password to work on it. It almost ready and should release soon.

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