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Version 7.8 : mid-term overview !

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A closed bêta ?

Before starting, what do you think about organising a closed beta? The idea would be to get a small group of people together to make the box, and target different points that I can’t necessarily solve on my own.

Indeed it would make it possible to :

  1. Check that the box can be mounted on various supports.
  2. Check that the box is “buildable” even by people with limited knowledge of printing or electronics
  3. Validate some ideas (the button plate for example).
  4. Check that the box works correctly over time

The 7.8 moves forward…too slowly!

Back to the gearbox. The 7.8 moves forward.

In this version, the electronics have been revised and improved. The principle remains the same: guide all the cables, and indicate as much as possible the mounting diagram everywhere. The realization is cleaner, more practical.

In particular, we now have a “small bridge” that will hold three of the three green cables that will come from the sensor hall on the right (only one cable is present on the photo). There is also a 3 pin dupont connector (in yellow). This will allow the electronics present in the last part of the chassis to be plugged directly.

But we are already on something quite satisfying as it is. The major default of the 7.7 is fixed : the usb connector is now perfectly accessible:

The frame has been refined to be both stiffer and easier to print. In particular, some supports fell out during printing. The first draft revealed qualities and defects, defects that deserve a second printing. One part (the one behind the lever) has not yet been updated.

A large part of the parts have been further optimised. For example, a paddle on the slider makes it easier to switch from H mode to sequential mode.

I also received the screws M5x25, DIN7991 . This is a standard that ensures that everyone will have the same dimensions. The integration is perfect :

The “button plate” mod

As explained in the video on 7.7, the whole project is articulated around an h/sequential gearbox on which various mods are added, including the “button plate”. I made progress on this one, and in particular on the integration of the electronics which is also largely guided.

On the other hand, I would already like to have your opinion on the inscriptions on the top.

I think we all agree that the on/off markings are missing for the ignition and the starter…

A final version ?

There is the question of the release date. At the moment, apart from the obvious corrections to be made, I think version 7.8 is acceptable. Some parts can still be improved, but a first release is envisageable as is. A closed beta would simply allow me to further optimize some parts, while already having user feedback on the box.

In particular, I made sure that the gearbox chassis can indeed be attached to the simulator, and then the entire mechanical part can be installed inside the gearbox.