SRT80 : where are we ?

Here are some news about the development of the SRT80 cylinders. First of all, thank you for your numerous donations which allowed me to finance this project! The shopping list is finalized and should not change. At this stage, what we are trying to set up with Industry&CNC, is to group the maximum of parts […]

16 bits interface for pedals

Arduino boards are equipped with a 10-bit Analog to Digital converter. This means that they transform the signal coming from the pedal sensors into a number between 0 and 1023 (2^10), this is called the resolution. To improve it, we can use an external 16-bit Analog to Digital converter like this one. It will convert […]

Joystick mod

The Joystick mod allows you to mount a joystick on the top of the gearbox that will act as both a joystick, and a mouse! The joystick is mounted on the port provided for the pedals. It is therefore impossible to use this mod with the pedals. Pressing the joystick is equivalent to a left […]

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